Build your playlist: Top 5 Ugandan songs to listen to now (Kati kati!)

I love love love to listen to local musicians when traveling in their hood; It helps to pick up the language, humming the songs out loud will make you friends, and in this case these Ugandan tunes will also make your day.

Ugandan pop music is super fun, there are new amazing songs weekly and it is hard to keep up with all the artists that are popping up. Dancing and music are a big part of African culture and it is easy to see this everywhere you look here. Everyone know all the words and the dance moves from the music videos find their way to the clubs, school yards and the sides of the roads.

My top 5 songs are not the most recent songs that are on the radio today, but definitely some of my favorite and a great way to start!

Put your ear phones in and see if you can stay still :

  1. Chips Na Ketchup/ Vinka

2. Wankona/ Sheebah

3. Kachima/Fik Fameica

4. Replace me/ John Blaq with Grenada and Sheebah

5. Superman/ Ykee Benda

And as a bonus, the ultimate Ugandan song in recent years: “Farmer” by (queen) Sheeba and Ykee Benda, this song broke the internet, broke the dance floor and broke Uganda in general. Enjoy!

Got em?!

More to come!

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